7 Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

Men vs women – it is a cold war that has been continued since from centuries. Men have dominated themselves in all the aspects but women specially of the modern age are not left behind. The debate about who is better will continue, but we have enlisted some good reasons that show why women are better than men.

Women are blessed with the ability to give birth:

Women are blessed with the ability to give birth:

Women have the capability to grow a new life inside their womb. They have blessed with the ability to give birth. Due to this every religion have dignified and valued the role of mother. Men on the other hand have different contributions, but the blessing of giving a new life is only given to women which makes them superior.

Tolerance of pain:

Tolerance of pain

Being a mother, keeping a new life inside, giving birth is not easy. According to the medical science, a human body can bear only up to 45 del (unit) of pain. Yet at the time of giving birth, a mother feels up to 57 del (unit) of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time.

Moreover, in the entire tenure of 9 months, women suffer a lot of pain and mood swings. But they have a greater tolerance of pain. As they would go on doing all their chores without complaining. Men on the other hand have low tolerance of pain as compared to women.

Women are best at Multi-tasking:

Women are best at Multi-tasking

Females are able to do multiple chores at a single time. They can reply to emails on the smartphone, cooking food while watch over the baby, listening to the news on tv, helping a child with homework and writing out tomorrow’s shopping list. While on the other hand a man is stuck with is project because he can’t figure out how to deal with the presentation and eat meal at the same time without being distracted.

Communication skills:

Women Communication skills

Women are expert in communication. They know what to talk, and how to talk. They have the ability to calm a huge fight through their communication skills. On the other hand, men are not good in communication as compared to women. Most of the men are reserve and less social than women.

Women get things done:

Women get things done

When something needs to be done, ask a woman. Whether it is cooking, ironing, dish washing, laundry or cleaning – a woman can only take a minute to do and she efficiently moves to another task. A man can only do things that he found interesting. They will not do anything again if they are not encouraged or appreciated.

Women Are Better at Parenting:

Women Are Better at Parenting

Come on, let’s face it. When we become ill, or when we are sad, we look for our mothers. Because they understand us better than anyone. There are definitely some good dads out there in the world, but the mother’s contribution in raising a child is a bit more. Most men can’t take care of their children for a few hours calling their own mother’s or sisters for help.  It’s not wrong to say that the future generations of human beings are being raised under the sole influence of a woman.

Detail oriented:

Women are Detail oriented

Women are better than men because women can remember each and every important detail. No matter whether it is a birthday, anniversary, parent-teacher meeting, check up schedule, bill payments, likes or dislikes – women can remember whole calendar in their brains without any reminders. On the other hand a man can hardly remember his anniversary or wife’s birthday.

7 Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

  1. Women are blessed with the ability to give birth:
  2. Tolerance of pain:
  3. Women are best at Multi-tasking:
  4. Communication skills
  5. Women get things done
  6. Women Are Better at Parenting
  7. Detail oriented
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