What is Islam: Top 10 Misconceptions About Islam

What’s Islam: The post-9/11 period has seen a rattled improve  in Islamophobia throughout the western world. Whether or not it´s the rise of Al-Qaeda or xenophobia, the Westerners are addled by the feelings propagated by the mainstream media. The worldwide wave of terrorism has added gas to fireplace. Media propagates each act of terrorism as ¨Islamic Extremism¨, creating a way of hatred among the many lots. These main misconceptions have led to many extra misconceptions relating to ladies, science and tolerance. This senerio appears disastrous.

What’s Islam: High 10 Misconceptions About Islam

It´s the responsibility of Muslims, particularly the youth, to develop a constructive picture of Islam by consciousness and their very own character. We have now to inform the world the Islam´s reference to all of the prophets i.e Jesus, Moses, Abraham, David and so on and that the worldwide points like extremism have cosmopolitan origin irrespective of spiritual or ethnic identification.The misconceptions are propagated by mainstream media however the misconceptions discover their roots in lack of awareness of Islam, much less inter-community interactions and the worldwide actor´s urge for food of seizing the worldwide assets. So, you will need to clarify that what’s Islam and what are the main misconceptions about Islam. Let´s begin.

1- Islam & Extremism

After the 9/11 assaults, Islam was focused by the mainstream media. The post-9/11 period noticed outrage towards the Muslims. Anti-terror operation was began & Afghanistan was attacked for offering secure havens to the terrorists. Later the warfare moved to center east. Within the latest previous, completely different European cities have additionally been attacked. All this state of affairs led to a rise in Islamophobia, inflicting hassle for the Muslims particularly dwelling in west. Lack of know-how of Islam has result in a false impression of connecting Islam with extremism. In actuality, Islam is probably the most peaceable faith as mirrored by the lifetime of Holy Prophet, Muhammad (S.A.W).

2- Muslims & Arabs: The analogous phrases?

There lies a false impression about Muslims and Arabs: whether or not all Arabs are Muslims? The reply isn’t any, as there’s nice variety among the many Arabs. An Arab is usually a Muslim, Christian or a Jew. 15 % p.c of Arabs are Christians. And secondly, Muslims aren’t restricted to Arab world as they’ve massive populations in South Asia, South-East Asia, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa and they’re ethnically numerous. The biggest Muslim inhabitants lives in Indonesia.

Three- Islam & Ladies

A lot of the Westerners suppose that ladies are oppressed in Islam and are handled as slaves. However only a few know that Islam proved to be  revolutionary for the ladies who have been oppressed in pre-Islamic interval.

Four- Violence

It has been propagated for lengthy that Islam preaches violence however it’s a matter of incontrovertible fact that Muslims have fought many instances much less wars as in comparison with different religions. Muslims participation in world wars was very restricted.

5- Islam & Jesus

It has been a giant false impression that Islam and Jesus aren’t associated. However Islam pays an enormous respect to Jesus and considers him a Prophet & her mom ¨Mary¨ a virgin. He has additionally been talked about in Quran.

6- God of Islam

As in Islam, God is known as as ¨Allah¨, however westerners have a false impression that ¨Muslims pray to a special God however in actuality Allah is probably the most acceptable identify for God because it has no masculine or female.

7- Islam & Science

Within the fashionable world, Islam is mistakenly thought-about as reverse to science. However traditionally, Muslims have been the pioneers of science in 7th and eightth century AD, a time when the entire world was dwelling in darkness.

Eight- Hijab

Hijab has not been welcomed by the westerners as they suppose that  it decreases the liberty of girls. However in actuality, Hijab offers safety to a lady from the evil eyes.

9- Intolerance

It has been propagated that  Islam is towards globalization and isn’t tolerant of different religions. However even in an Islamic welfare state, non-Muslims are allowed to dwell with freedom

10- Islam & Moon

Now-a-days, moon has been symbolically linked with Islam, which result in a false impression that it’s the faith of moon. Really, moon was first utilized by Ottomans which latter grew to become part of flags of Muslim nations. It has relation with Islam.

What’s Islam: High 10 Misconceptions About Islam

  1. Islam & Extremism
  2. Muslims & Arabs: The analogous phrases
  3. Islam & Ladies
  4. Violence
  5. Islam & Jesus
  6. God of Islam
  7. Islam & Science
  8. Hijab
  9. Intolerance
  10. Islam & Moon
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