Top 10 Sexually explicit Movies

6- The Idiots

Director: Lars von Trier

Producer: Lars von Trier

The Idiots The Idiots-1The Idiots though is a good film. It stars Bodil Jorgensen, Jens Albinus, Troels Lyby, Anne Louise Hassing, Louise Miertiz and Nikolaj Lie Kaas, directed by Lars von Trier, produced by Lars von Trier and by Lars von Trier. It is a 1998 Danish comedy drama film. The film could not perform at the box office. It contains highly intimate scenes. Story revolves around a group of anti-bourgeois guys who lose their inhibitions. That certainly means a lot of nudity and feelings. Most of this is simulated, but we surely can say that it has a few real sex scenes.

7- Romance

Director: Catherine Breillat

Producer: Jean François Lepetit

RomanceIt is a 1999 French art house drama film. The film stars Caroline Ducey, Sagamore Stevenin Rocco Siffredi and Francois Berléand, written by Catherine Breillat, directed by Catherine Breillat and produced by Jean François Lepetit. The film contains some real sex scenes and it great romance. The story of the film revolves around the girl who searches for sexual fulfillment outside of her lover, it is known for paving the way for more sex but unsimulated. The woman refuses to have sex with her boyfriend so in need of sex she gets into different relationships first with guy in bar and so on. The movie is all about sex adventures. The film recorded $1,314,053 worldwide. The music of the film given by Raphael Tidas and DJ Valentin.

8- Pola X

Director: Leos Carax

Producer: Bruno Pésery

Pola X Pola X-2The $11 million could not really satisfy at the box office but surely made its mark. The film won a few awards for its great production.  Pola X has some serious sexually explicit scenes and romance. It is one of the most explicit movies. The film stars Yekaterina Golubeva, , Delphine Chuillot, Catherine Deneuve, Laurent Lucas, Guillaume Depardieu, Patachou and Sharunas Bartas in lead is 1999 French romantic drama film. The film directed by Leos Carax, produced by Bruno Péseryn, and based on Pierre a novel by Herman Melvill while the screenplay of the film is by Leos Carax and Jean Pol Fargeau.

The story of the film revolves around a successful and energetic novelist who is aplroacged by a young lady who claims to be his lost sister somehow, and after dome understanding both of them begin a romantic relationship and rest you may know. The film contains some sex scenes and great romance. Body doubles supposedly used in some explicit scenes but surely that all was breath taking.

9- O Fantasma

Director: João Pedro Rodrigues

Producer: Amândio Coroado

The O Fantasma 2000 -2 The O Fantasma 2000The O Fantasma 2000 film made it big to the headlines. The film got a few nominations and awards too because of the content of the film and production. Although the gay men theme and some sexually explicit scenes did not appeal to the audience and even made controversies. But still the film received relatively well. The film’s stars, Ricardo Meneses, Beatriz Torcato and Andre Barbosa, and directed by João Pedro Rodrigues, written by Alexandre Melo and José Neves and produced by Amândio Coroado. Basically it is an Old Portuguese explicit gay themed movie and released in 2000.

It has some great romance and sex scenes. The film revolves around Sergio who actually works t as a trash collector in Lisbon in night shift. The guy is not so comfortable with his pretty female coworker named Fatima, actually who displays an energetic interest in him but spite that the guy roams around the city for some vibes. So the guy becomes fascinated with a cool motorcycle and its owner. And then the film begins with strong desires, emotions and feelings.

10- Intimacy

Director: Patrice Chéreau

Producer: Patrick Cassavetti

intimacy (1) IntimacyIntimacy is a great film according to the critics and surely it made a little impact but not at the box office. It is a British romance movie starring Mark Rylance and Kerry Fox in lead, is directed by Patrice. The Story revolves around both of them and sex life. The movie contains sexually explicit content but not a single scene of real sex unlike a few others. The film won several awards too.

Top 10 Sexually explicit movies

  1. Anatomy of Hell
  2. Eight Miles High
  3. A Real Young Girl
  4. In the Realm of the Senses
  5. Cruising
  6. The Idiots
  7. Romance
  8. Pola X
  9. Fantasma
  10. Intimacy
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