Top 10 Most Popular Movie Characters of All Time

You must be a fan of many actors. And mostly people go to cinemas just because of their favorite actors or story too. Many actors have made their own mark with their skills. But there are some movie characters which made buzz all around. People love all these characters. Today we would be revealing about top 10 most popular movie characters of all time. These characters ruled the cinemas and some are still ruling. Every age group is fan of these following characters. So here we go,

1- James Bond

Daniel Craig - New James Bond movie Casino RoyaleIf you do not know about this character, then you know nothing about movies. James Bond is the most popular movie character till date. Charming and intelligent James Bond won millions of hearts all over. Ian Fleming created this great actor. Different performers have been related with James Bond series including, Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby and few more. You must know about James Bond 007, One of the best and most iconic piece. James Bond also won hearts with novels. Basically it is a spy action series full of adventure.

2- Batman

Batman comic characterWell, Batman surely is one of the most popular movie characters. Well not only one of the rather second most popular movie character. It is famous in kids and younger people. It is a movie and comic character and famous in both. This was introduced years back in 1939. Bill Finger and Bob Kane, created this character. Different actors have been related with this franchise including, Christian Bale, Adam West, , Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer. Batman released different sequels and all were just amazing.

3- Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones best series and characterOne of the best series and character. Indiana Jones surely is a master piece. George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan created this iconic character back in 1981. Harrison Ford played the role of Indiana Jones in all 4 Indiana Jones sequels. Its first appearance was marked in 1981 with Raiders of the Lost Ark and it was last scene in 2008 with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. There are also Tv series and Video games under the name of Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones is also known as Indiana Smith.

4- Han Solo

Han Solo best character created everOne of the best character created ever. Han Solo is an inspiration of millions. From 1977 to till date its inspiring audience and ruling the cinemas. Han Solo marked its first appearance 1977 with Stars Wars. Yes, you all must know about Star Wars. Its last appearance was in last year with The Force Awakens. The creator of this might character is none other than George Lucas. And this character was performed by our favorite Harrison Ford. Alden Ehrenreich is also related with Han Solo. Return of the Jedi is also one of the bests of Han Solo.

5- The Joker

The Joker most loved and popular movie characterIf not anything you must remember quotes and sayings of The Joker. It is one of the most loved and popular movie character. Why so serious? It was created by Jerry Robinson, Bob kane and Bill Finger. Different actors have performed this character Cesar Romero, Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson. This character is one of the best characters ever because of certain aspects and unique style. It was appeared in Batman series and The Dark Knight. Since 1990s its winning hearts and we are unable to forget this particular character. 

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