Top 10 Innocent Acts Called as Crimes

Every country has a constitution which defines the legal limits that governs the activities of the public. Laws are shaped in order to keep the society free of crimes. Laws are made according to the needs of a country. People obeying the laws makes the society peaceful. But there are some laws which are ridiculous but they depend upon the needs of the country. If you are unknown of those weird laws, you may have unintentionally broken those laws many times in your routine life. Here is the list of top 10 innocent acts called as crimes.

1- Marrying Your First Cousin in Utah (USA)

Marrying Your First Cousin in Utah (USA)America is a highly developed country and the modern scientific research greatly effects its laws. As the research shows that the chances of genetic abnormalities in children are greater in couples who are first cousins than others, so some states of America like Utah does not allow cousin marriages to avoid the genetic abnormalities in newly born children. So, if you are living in one of those American States, you cannot marry your first cousin no matters if there is an affair. But there is an ridiculous exception to the law that you can marry your first cousin after the age of sixty five which is even more weird than this law itself.

2- Chewing a Gum in Singapore

Chewing a Gum in SingaporeThe government of Singapore tries to make the public places even more cleaner by implementing a ban on the bubble gum, which was though to effect the cleaning process of public places. Therapeutic gums used for medical purposes are the exception to this law. Since 1983. there were discussions about the chewing gums causing problems in maintenance of public places and the ban was eventually imposed in 1992 by Goh Chok Tong, the then prime minister of the country. So, if you are visiting Singapore this year, keep it in your mind otherwise you may face criminal offence. Spitting out the gum on public places can lead to a fine of upto 700 US Dollars.

3- Collecting Rain Water in Colorado (USA)

Collecting Rain Water in ColaradoWater is the most important blessing of God as it is necessary for the life to survive on any planet. In the American states with less annual rainfall like Calorado, it is illegal to collect the rainwater even from your private property because the laws states that the rain water belongs to the state. You need some kind of legal permission if you still want to collect the rain water. So, if you are in Colarado then don’t try to collect rain water even from the roof of your building.

4- Changing a Light Bulb Without License in Australia

Changing a Light Bulb Without License in AustraliaThe developed countries of the world like Australia tries to maintain the highest standards of living. In order to do this, they maintain very high standards of their services. For example, you need a certificate or diploma to do any service like gardening. You are not not allowed to work without the proper training. And its necessary for you to take training before replacing your light bulbs. Otherwise you need a trained professional to do so.

5- Feeding Pigeons in Venice (Italy)

Feeding Pigeons in Venice (Italy)In some parts of the world, there are some species of birds or animals which are in excess quantity. If those birds or animals are not beneficial to the particular country like if they are making the public places dirty, so laws are made in order to maintain their number to the minimum possible quantity. In Venice, which is a Summer resort in the European nation of Italy, you are not allowed to feed a pigeon. So, don’t try to feed pigeons in Venice.

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