Top10 Celebrities Who Are Gay

The term ‘Gay’, which refers to people who have sexual attraction towards people of the same sex, was considered to be a taboo in society, but, nowadays, with the changing times, the mentality of the people has also changed and people have started accepting the concept of a ‘Gay’. In today’s modern world, Gay Celebrities have the same status and rights as the straight people have. Various celebrities have taken the bold step of proudly announcing to the world that they are ‘Gays’, which has given such people the courage to reveal their homosexuality to the world. The list below shows top 10 celebrities who are Gay.

1- T.R. Knight

At the first spot is American actor, T.R. Knight, Theodore Raymond, who is famous for his role as Dr. George O’Malley in the highly popular medical drama series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Besides this, he has also acted in various other popular television series and movies.

T.R. Knight

Gay Celebrities

2- Matt Bomer

Known for his amazing performance in the television series, ‘White Collar’, Matthew Staton Bomer is at the second spot in this list. This American actor is currently in a relationship with publicist Simon Halls and they have three sons.

Matt Bomer

3- Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs, the famous fashion designer, who owns the labels Marc Jacobs and Marc, is next up on this list. He is the creative director for Louis Vetton. This celebrity has played an important role in making gay marriages legal by voicing his opinions in support of this concept. He also introduced a T-shirt line demanding the legalization of gay marriages in the year 2009.

Marc Jacobs

4- Zachary John Quinto

The fourth position has been bagged by American actor and film producer, Zachary Quinto. He is famous for playing the villain characters. In the year 2011, he decided to announce his sexuality to the world and in 2012, he announced his relationship with actor Jonathan Groff.

Zachary John Quinto

5- Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, the famous actor in the popular television series, ‘Modern Family’, comes at the fifth position. This celebrity, who has received 3 nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting actor in a Comedy Series, announced his engagement to lawyer, Justin Mikita, in the year 2012.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

6- Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons, who is famous for his role as Sheldon Cooper in the popular television show ‘The Big Band Theory’, secures the sixth spot in this list. This American actor’s sexuality was revealed to the world in the year 2012.

Jim Parsons

7- Chris Colfer

The seventh spot has been bagged by American actor and singer, Christopher Paul, popularly known as ‘Chris’. He is popular for his amazing performance in the television series ‘Glee’, where the name of his character was Kurt Hummel.

Chris Colfer

8- Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris, the American actor and singer, who is popular for his role in the television series ‘How I Met Your Mother’, is at the eighth spot in this list. He proudly announced to the world that he is gay in the year 2006 and presently, he is in a relationship with David Burtka and has twins.

Neil Patrick Harris

9- Elton John

One of the greatest pop musicians of all time, Elton Hercules John, comes next on this list. This famous rock singer was earlier married to a woman, Renate Blauel, before he was aware about his sexual interests. The marriage failed and ended up in a divorce. He is currently in a civil partnership with David Furnish.

Elton John

10- Ricky Martin

Famous pop singer, Ricky Martin, comes at the tenth spot in this list.  In the year 2010, he announced through his website that he was a homosexual man. At the Oprah Winfrey Show, the singer announced that he was in a relationship with economist, Carlos Gonzalez Abella, and that he was a father to twin boys.

Ricky Martin

Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Gay

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