Top 10 Benefits of Eating Breakfast – Why Breakfast is Important?

“Jump out of the bed into Kitchen” The very famous saying has something beneficial in it. The very first thing that is recommended after waking up is doing breakfast. Do not delay it for an hour or so. We have been underestimating the power of breakfast. We are unaware what benefits breakfast provides to our lives. It’s a popular saying “Do breakfast like Kings”. Congrats! Eat all of your cravings in the morning. That won’t hurt! A research suggests that 30% of American children skip breakfast. Well, then they do not know what more they are capable of. Skipping breakfast let you perform less than your potential. It has a major effect on our cognition’s and performance. following are the top 10 Benefits of Eating breakfast.

Breakfast comprise of those nutrients

1- A Kick Start

A long sleep at night increases the need of some fuel in the morning to start the day. The stomach gets empty we can on sleeping for 12 hours. Human body badly needs something in the belly after that sleep so that it can work for the new day. Taking breakfast fulfills that need and gives the stomach something that can be converted into energy and utilized the whole day.

2- Fitting in the Skinny Jeans

Researchers suggest that “Breakfast prevents obesity”. To the increasing obesity these days, breakfast is a blessing. Everyone is fitness crazy and doesn’t welcome fatness. Breakfast is helpful for the fitness lovers and the one who fear obesity. Eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast lowers the cholesterol level. Some researchers showed that the people who took regular breakfast weighed less as compared to the ones who were breakfast skippers. Actually the reason behind this theory is that taking breakfast early in the morning decreases the hunger of the individual for the rest of the day. A person who doesn’t take breakfast will get hungrier for the whole day. Thinking that skipping breakfast will get you rid of calories is a wrong thought. But a condition implies, i.e. breakfast should be healthy having whole grains or protein rather than a bowl full of fats.

3- Improved academic Performance

Having a regular breakfast enhances the academic performance. Researchers showed that the students who did regular breakfast performed better in tests and scored higher than the ones who rarely did breakfast or didn’t do at all. Children can concentrate better if they eat healthy in the morning. Dr. William Sears suggested that children who eat breakfast tend to participate more in class discussions and activities. They are capable of solving problems efficiently and score better. Therefore, intake of healthy breakfast leads to boosted performance in school.

4- Attention Span and Concentration

Intake of breakfast increases children’s concentration on work. It also enhances the attention span of the children too.  It results in improved memory and less frustration in school. They are able to respond better towards tough problems. The low glycemic breakfast causes positive effects in children’s behavior.

5- Physical Benefits

Intake of morning crabs and proteins boost the energy of the children and help them to stay active and participate in sports and other activities. High level of energy keep the students active and sharp. Morning breakfast decreases the chances for children to get sick which leads to less sick leaves from school. Therefore, the children who do breakfast aren’t left behind in the course work as well.

6- Overall Health

Researches proved that the individuals who did breakfast on regular basis were able to maintain normal BMI. Intake of breakfast decreases the chances of higher BMI. It also helps individuals in maintaining blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity.

7- Beneficial Nutrients

Breakfast comprise of those nutrients which cannot be found in other meals. Missing breakfast means missing the nutrients of your day. The dairy products that you consume in the breakfast consist of the vital nutrients which cannot be found in lunch or dinner. Those missed out calcium and potassium cannot be compensated in the rest of the day.

Protein Effects

8- Protein Effects

Breakfast menu usually comprise of maximum calcium and protein. This intake of protein increases the muscle mass instead of making you fat. Thus, the potassium consumption makes you powerful and energetic rather than fatty. It also increases satiety due to which we tend to be hungry late than the day without breakfast.

9- Healthy Heart and Security from Diabetes

Breakfast keeps the heart healthy and wealthy. It keeps it safe from various diseases. It is a nutritious way for starting your new day. Breakfast keeps you secure from coronary diseases condition is that the breakfast should be healthy one which includes good unsaturated fats. According to a research if a woman skips breakfast it increases the risk for her to get diabetes in later life.

10- Memory

Researchers suggest that breakfast improves our memory.  In American Dietetic Association there 47 articles related to breakfast which concludes that heavy breakfast eaters tend to lose an average of 17.8 pounds per three months. When the memory improves it leads to better grades in school as well.

Breakfast is helpful for the fitness loversTop 10 Benefits of Eating Breakfast


  • Add protein in your breakfast. Prefer boiled egg or egg fried with a whole wheat bread. Egg is high in proteins and it is not harmful for people with various chronic diseases.
  • Do not intake breakfast which is rich in cholesterol for example Desi Ghee. Prefer olive oil.
  • Make some preparation at night if breakfast makes you late to your work
  • Smoothies and shakes are good for the morning start. They provide a good energy level to begin the day.
  • You can prepare a breakfast brownie batter at night and put in in oven in the morning while you are getting ready. When you are ready to leave pick it from the oven and eat it on the go!
  • Cereals and porridge are a healthy breakfast which also assist in losing weight and at the same time provides you energy for work.

To conclude breakfasting is a wise decision. No loss all benefits. According to a study in 2011, 18 percent of males and 13 percent of females are breakfast skippers. Don’t be one of them!

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