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Safest Countries in the World – The Top 10 List

Safest Countries in the World: The world is full amazing cities, states and countries. We all love our country and admire for many reasons the fact is it is not possibly must that your own is the best. Keep in view progress, opportunities, diplomacy, international value etc. Today we will be talking the safest countries on the planet you can live in. These countries are ranked according to different aspects. Not all countries treat the foreigners or its own countrymen well so obviously it’s not safe to live in. If on your country, there is freedom for not only majorities but also minorities too then it is safe for everyone but it is not possible in every country now days. And the environment plays an important role.

Safest countries in the world

So keeping everything in mind and also public opinions we have ranked 10 countries from around the world in our list. These are 10 safest countries anybody can live in. We are sure you all like traveling and you want to visit every place in earth but not the one where you have fear of something. So guys here we go,

1- Singapore

So the safest country on earth is Singapore. This fast growing and developed country is dream of many and it is quite surprising that an Asian country is the safest country on earth. Singapore is not safe but it has numerous opportunities and things to offer everyone. You can get everything over here and everything here is peaceful and calm. So more confusion marks the Singapore guys. It is world’s only island city state too.

2- Japan

Another one from the Asia. This island nation is humble and really good. Japan is no doubt really successful and that is why it’s standards are high in every field. Japanese won’t care who you are or what you are they just accept everyone this is what makes this country safe. Japan is a developed country and everything can be availed over here.

3- Iceland

Oh! Nobody about country to be one of the 10 safest countries right? But it is in the top 5 guys. Due to almost no violence or crime in the country and also high security standards this island country is one of the safest places on earth. And it is beautiful too so what else you need. Many other sites ranked it as one of Safest countries.

4- Denmark

This Scandinavian country of Europe is class. Denmark is rapidly growing dy by dy and people from across the globe aiming for it. The skyscrapers, education, values, beauty everything is in Denmark. And Denmark stand at no 4. It surely is a safe country if we look at its history. And we love Danish too so at least we can visit Denmark to learn Danish no?

5- Norway

Another Scandinavian country. Norway is topping almost all fields and it has been ranked as one of the safest countries quite few time last year too. In Norway there are diverse cultures and people and this is what makes it unique and also safe. Everyone respect each other and mind their own business.

6- Germany

Ah we know it is one of the countries everyone wants to travel as it is really beautiful and welcoming. In Germany their people from different backgrounds so new people or even the permanent citizens of Germany do not face anything harsh. There is peace in the country and the government is really good. So guys you should add Germany in your list as it is one of the bests.

7- Switzerland

Oh the trade hub! Switzerland is destination for young people so it is quite interesting country. Switzerland is safe as this country did not witness any mishap in long time. People are cool there and you can feel love in the air. It is fast country so people would not care about you or anybody so chill! Switzerland is worth living country and you should try it once in your life.

8- Austria

We all hear about this stunning country every now and then. It is small country in Europe but it does not mean it is any less than any other country. It is very safe and it has to offer a lot. The people of Austria are peace loving and prosper. Austria is one of it kinds guys. And what else you can ask for. Many other sites named Austria as one of the safest countries.

9- Sweden

It is probably the happiest place on earth because everywhere there is love and talk of peace. People in Sweden enjoy their everyday lives and help each other. People there do not belong many different backgrounds they are up to accept anyone and everyone. Sweden stands as one of the best places for young people as it is full of opportunities.

10- Hong Kong

What if the United States of America does not count Hong Kong as an independent nation, does it matter? Obviously nobody cares. It is actually more safe than the USA so chill. Hong Kong is cool country with a lot different things. You will get to see what you never did in life. It has tradition and people are really good too. And the security measure is really high too. So, what else you need?

So, guys is your country one of the safest countries on the earth too? Let us know in comments. And also which country you would like to visit that are mentioned above?

Safest Countries in the World – The Top 10 List

  1. Singapore
  2. Japan
  3. Iceland
  4. Denmark
  5. Norway
  6. Germany
  7. Switzerland
  8. Austria
  9. Sweden
  10. Hong Kong
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