Ramzan Transmission Meera With Amir Liaquat

Ramzan Transmission Meera With Amir Liaquat

After all of the hype and rage and debates about Ramzan transmissions, they’re nowhere close to any enchancment. Relatively, as Ramzan is progressing, they’re getting an increasing number of pointless, an increasing number of vulgar and as indifferent from the holiness of this month as attainable.

In his current game show “Ramzan Mein Bol”, Amir Liaquat invited Meera. Because the show unfolded, it was unsuitable on so many ranges. From boys proposing to Meera by means of poetry to Meera telling the issues she could be doing to show herself a great spouse and daughter in law, it was a really demeaning and shameless ramzan transmission, if I’ll name it that.

The significant phrases and tones that Amir Liaqat used had been fairly inappropriate and Meera’s responses had been no good. Granted, she was enjoying a game however there needs to be higher ways, particularly in 2017, to be a great spouse, than washing and ironing clothes, and birthing kids and waking up your father in law within the morning.

Extraordinarily disappointing, to say the least !!


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