Qandeel Baloch the Social Media Sensation

.Qandeel Baloch the Social Media Sensation.

Qandeel Baloch often known as Pakistan Kim Kardashian. She is a 25 years old Pakistan social media sensation. Specially known for her dramatic videos and controversial interviews from Lahore. She was born on 15 November, 1990. Qandeel stood up first in a reality TV show Pakistan Idol from which she got a little attention and she took its full advantage and started making videos to gain some more attention you may call it a publicity stunt well. She does not spare any chance to get attention and this is why Qandeel Fouzia Baloch is very well known by many people. Although she could not secure any position at Pakistan Idol but certainly she had managed to get more fame than the top performers of Pakistan Idol.

Her Audition in Pakistan idol.

. A few months back she made buzz all around for her commitment of strip dance if Pakistan win T20 match against India back in March. She announced to dedicate this video to but fortunately or unfortunately for her Pakistan could not make it to win but what is the weird part that she released the teaser of strip dance before the match. Which went viral not only in Pakistan but also in other countries. Now day’s news she is going along with is her entry in Big Boss’s next season. Recently she said in an interview that many producers are reaching out to her for appearances in their shows to increase their TRP.

Her Statement About Strip Dance on Victory of Pakistan Team in WC 2016.

Here is the crazy part. After releasing the teaser of strip dance many people reported her Facebook account and she had it banned but not for so long as she recovered it within a few days somehow.


Qandeel Fouzia Baloch has been appearing on TV and had made a lot of controversial statements. After her strip dance teaser many people bashed on her, People Said “You have spoiled the reputation of the Baloch People & also said that You’re a fake Baloch. This is shamelessness at its peak” said by a baloch. “To all my Pakistani brothers, don’t get me wrong but if Pakistan loses tomorrow, we lose respect, & another person commented that if we win tomorrow, we also lose respect. But not only that this is what she said after all this drama, “Aj sy no video.

These controversies are going to end rather she is now days making buzz all around with the Big Boss season 10 entry. She took on Facebook to announce that but she also said I’ll appear only if they agree to my conditions. That attitude though. Qandeel Fouzia Bloch even proposed Imran khan (Politician/Crickter) & she did’nt get any response from him personally but a fan of Imran Khan did give her a funny reply.

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued a show-cause notice to Samaa TV for airing Qandeel Baloch’s “immoral” remarks about the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif. The news channel has been asked by PEMRA not to broadcast such controversial and disgraceful shows & interviews. PEMRA stated that airing such content is irresponsible behavior by the TV channel’s administration. The TV channel has unfollowed the delayed transmission technique, PEMRA included. From this you all can imagine her popularity and state of behavior.

When a reporter asked to Qandeel if she had applied through the form on the Colors TV website for Big Boss 10, Qandeel laughed, “Why should I fill out a form? Those are for common people, not celebrities!”This is not all, she even released a music video back a few months and she said in her interview that she is working on a music video right now in Pakistan.

We don’t know what’s going on her mind but we are sure that Qandeel Baloch is enjoying this fame and limelight.
Let’s see where he ends up!



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