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Most Expensive Restaurants in The World – The Top 10 List

Most Expensive Restaurants in The World: We all love lavish dinners at our favorite right? Just like a luxury house and nice looking car we all want to have a good meal at a high profile restaurant too. And we all have been to many restaurants too but we cannot imagine how expensive a restaurant could, at some places. If we are talking about restaurants, then obviously we have hundreds of great restaurant all around us but today we would be talking about most expensive restaurants in the world.

Most Expensive Restaurants in The World

Cost of a single dinner in one of these is mind blowing and we might prefer staying at home rather than paying this much for an hour or two and obviously a great meal too. But expensive restaurant does exist in every corner of the world and even those people also exist who pay hell’s lot of money for a single meal. So, in this article you will get to know about these expensive restaurants and all the special things they offer. From great furniture to spicy food, from entertainment features to great location these restaurants are surely a dream. So guys here we present you the 10 most expensive restaurant in the world and this list is only based on the bill and no other thing. So here is the list,

1- SubliMotion, Spain

So the most expensive restaurant in the world is located in Spain and its name is SubliMotion. This restaurant costs around $2,173 per head. Can you believe it? Like you can get a lot of thing in $2,173 then spending an hour or two in a restaurant. Still people go there and the environment there is obviously amazing! Music, visual stimulation, art, hi-technology and what not guys! How about your first date at SubliMotion? Sound great nah?

2- Masa, New York City

A place where rich kids and rich people hang out regularly. It is a Japanese sushi restaurant and yes even Hollywood stars have meal at this place. But we won’t want to have an ice-cream for $45 at least. Expensive right? Even every citizen of NYC thinks so. But at the end it’s not about the meal rather it’s about the place. After all it’s a place where you can get to see public figures. It costs around $600 per head.

3- Plaza Athénéé, Paris

Paris, the city of love and romance and obviously people can pay huge amount for their loved ones. So it is certain that it will be expensive. And it costs around $550 per person. This hotel is really good looking and what attracts the people is its artistic look and it is luxurious too.

4- Aragawa, Japan

Ever heard about the dish Kobe or Wagyu beef? Well, this restaurant is famous for only this dish and it is always crowded. If you want to book a table, you need to wait for at least a few weeks. People love this restaurant in Tokyo. And it’s not as expensive as the SubliMotion but still for a normal person it is. As it charges around $440 per person. I mean only a rich nigga can afford having a meal at this restaurant.

5- Maison Pic, France

Okay so these guys will charge you $380. And obviously experience is amazing. All French people know about this restaurant and not for odd reasons. Talking about Multi course dinning? This is the place you should be at. Obviously it is heavy on pocket but your heart can not refuse to have squab, candied turnips, Banon goat cheese Berlingots and chocolate desserts under one roof right?

6- Restaurant Crissier, Switzerland

This is a royal restaurant in Switzerland which attracts not only the general public but also the travelers. The food there is obviously great but the management, service, menu and everything else is good too. It costs $375 each person. And it is in the name of an old Chef so you need not to worry about the food at least.

7- Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Maldives is love! And food there is also love. So keeping in view the demand of locality and the tourists, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant came in to being. It will cost you around $340. And it is in cold water so your experience will be great. Although it is a small place but the services are great. And just like any five-star restaurant you need to suffer a lot to reserve your own table here too.

8- Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, London

Offering seven course meal, Alain Ducasse restaurant is the 8th most expensive hotel in the world. It costs around $340 for a single person. And being London you would surely want to have dinner at this luxurious restaurant but you need to dig deep into your pockets. The food is amazing here too!

9- Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London

Another one from London and this one is the 9th most expensive restaurant in the world. It costs around $180 to each person to have a great meal. And it offers a three course meal. And it offers great entertainment just like any ordinary restaurant in the corner of a fast city.

10- Misoguigawa, Kyoto

Misoguigawa, Kyoto is the least expensive restaurant on our list of Most expensive restaurants in the world. But it does mean it cannot compete with others rather it stands tall with all of the above. This is because it offers great services and the food they offer is mouthwatering. They offer different type of food and this makes it more interesting. And last but not the least, they charge $168 per head.

So peeps! How many of you want to have a meal at one of the above mentioned restaurant? Our pick is SubliMotion. And do let us know your experience if anyone of you had been to any of the above.

Most Expensive Restaurants in The World – The Top 10 List

  1. SubliMotion, Spain
  2. Masa, New York City
  3. Plaza Athénéé, Paris
  4. Aragawa, Japan
  5. Maison Pic, France
  6. Restaurant Crissier, Switzerland
  7. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives
  8. Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, London
  9. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London
  10. Misoguigawa, Kyoto
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