Handsome Australian Actors Right Now – The top 10 List

Australian men are no doubt really handsome. You all girls would agree with us. Australian men are no less than anyone else. They have made their mark in the whole world. Australian men are known everywhere in the world. They are not only handsome but talented too. Today we will talk about the Handsome Australian Actors.

Handsome Australian Actors – The top 10 List

It is must for an actor to look good. After all, an actor has to appear on screen. Hence, an actor must be good-looking. Although all Australian actors are handsome but we had to choose top 10. We have compiled a list of top 10 handsome actors. We have judged them only by their looks. After all, we are only talking about the looks. So, without any further delay, here it is,

1- Alex O’Loughlin

This Australian actor is someone every girl wants. He is the most handsome actor of Australia. Alex is known for his acting skills and looks. He is also very famous in Hollywood. He has worked in several Hollywood movies. This is the reason; every girl knows him. After being starred opposite Jennifer Lopez, everything changed for him. Alex is also known for his serious attitude. Nobody of us knows about his personal life. This is because he does not talk about it. He is very famous in Australia especially among girls.

2- Hugh Jackman

He is the most famous actor from Australia. We all know about him. He is one of the faces of Hollywood. He rose to international fame through Hollywood. All the girls sing in his appreciation. And look, how good-looking he is. His class and looks made us add him on our list. He certainly is one of the most handsome Australian actors. How many of you have watched him in X-Men? Moreover, he has numerous awards to his name.

3- Simon Baker

He probably has the best smile! This Australian actor is really handsome and it is quite much visible. This guy is known for his negative roles in movies. He is mostly a bad guy in movies. Still, it did not stop him from ruling the hearts of girls. He is widely followed in his native country. If we talk about acting, he is just flawless. Great looks and talent, what a deadly combo. How many of you knew him before?

4- Russell Crowe

This man is one of the most versatile actors from Australia. He can do anything. Just ask him and then see. Russel is regarded as the hottest man of Australia. According to us, he is the 4th most handsome Australian actor. He has also worked in several Hollywood movies. All these movies raised him to new heights of popularity. Millions of girls are mad for him!

5- Liam Hemsworth

He looks like an American. But who cares? His looks made us put his name on our list. This guy can kill anyone and everyone in the room with his class. You all may know him for her relationship with Miley Cyrus. We are sure no girl would want to miss him. He is one of the hottest men in the world. Look at his eyes!

6- Chris Hemsworth

Chris is a 33 years old Australian actor. He rose to fame through Home and Away (TV Series). You cannot take off from this guy. This is because he is very handsome. But the bad news for girls is that he is married. Her wife is a Spanish actress and her name is Elsa Pataky. He is equally famous for his movies too. But TV series made him earn fame. Chris has also won several awards and nominations. He is going very fast. And he ain’t stopping!

7- Eric Bana

We all know him from the famous Hollywood movie, Black Hawk Down. In 2001, he was introduced to the worldwide audience through BHD. He is one of the best Australian actors. And yes, he is handsome too. How many of you have watched him before? Bana is famous for his intense acting and looks. He has also worked several other Hollywood blockbuster movies. He surely deserves a place on this list.

8- Sam Worthington

This handsome hunk made sure to get full benefit from Avatar. Avatar is the movie he is known for. Avatar introduced him to the world. Sam is the 8th most handsome Australian actors. He has also won an AACTA award. This is a big achievement. He is one of the most prominent faces of Avatar. Moreover, he is known for his actions flicks. Clash of Titans also tells about him a lot. Sam is not in mood of stopping. He is working in both Australia and America. Let’s see what he to offer next!

9- Joel Edgerton

This handsome man is very famous in Australia and America. He is a multi-talented guy. Joel is an actor, producer and director. He was started in Star Wars – 2, which helped him to get popularity. Joel has many big hits to his name. He has also won an AACTA (2004). Joel works with dedication which makes him stand out in the crowd. And his looks help him in his field a lot. He is recognized as one of the most handsome Australian men. What do you think about him?

10- Ryan Kwanten

Ryan is 40-year-old but it does not mean he is not handsome. Rather, he is the 10th most handsome actors. He is not an actor but also a comedian. Ryan is equally famous in both the professions. He has a great sense of humor, looks and talent, what else do girls want? He is the perfect choice for every girl. Ryan is also one of the faces of TV series Home and Away. But it took a little long for his to get fame. But now he is on every newspaper.

This is all about the most handsome Australian actors. Do you agree with our list or you have your own? Let us know right below in the comment box.

Handsome Australian Actors Right Now – The top 10 List

  1. Alex O’Loughlin
  2. Hugh Jackman
  3. Simon Baker
  4. Russell Crowe
  5. Liam Hemsworth
  6. Chris Hemsworth
  7. Eric Bana
  8. Sam Worthington
  9. Joel Edgerton
  10. Ryan Kwanten
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