Glastonbury Festival 2017 Artists to Must See – The Top 10 List

Glastonbury Festival 2017 Artists to Must See: Glastonbury festival 2017 is not even a month away. We all are really excited for this mega festival. It is one of those festivals, everybody waits for. Glastonbury will start on 21st June and it will last till 25th of June. Glastonbury festival 2017 is talk of the town.

For those who are unaware of it, Glastonbury is the largest greenfield festival of performing arts and music in the world. Glastonbury is something out of the world. Audience witnesses some amazing acts every year at the Glastonbury festival. And all this hype is for real. Hundreds of artists from all around the world.

Just like every year, people are dying to attend Glastonbury festival 2017. And many people are searching for the line-up of artists. We have it! You do not need to search the Internet for hours to find out who is going to perform. Just go through this piece and buckle up for the festival. We have compiled a list of top 10 artists you must see at Glastonbury festival 2017. First of all, we have mentioned all the confirmed artists/bands for this year’s event and it is followed by top 10 artists to must see at this year’s Glastonbury festival,

Glastonbury Festival 2017 Artists to Must See

Following artists/bands have been confirmed so far for Glastonbury festival 2017, Ed Sheeran, Katty Perry, Shaggy, Major Lazer, DJ Shadow, Goldfrapp, Templess, Mark Lanegan, HAIM, Stealford Mods, The Can Project, Foo Fighters, All we are, Biffy Clyroo, Radiohead, Barry Gibb, Royal Blood, Stromzy, Boy Better Know, First Aid Kit, The Jacksons, Phoenix, The Flaming Lips, Warpaint, Wiley, Clean Bandit and Birdy. Who is your favorite?

And finally, here is the list of top 10 artists to must see at the Glastonbury festival 2017,

1- Ed Sheeran

We all are loving “Shape of you”. Ed sheeran is no doubt one of the top artists of this generation. His all songs are love. So, it is confirmed that Ed Sheeran is performing at the Glastonbury festival 2017. You can expect everything from him as he is a versatile artist. And we all know, we want to shack our leg on his latest release “Shape of you”. He will be seeing performing live at this year Glastonbury event. According to us, Ed Sheeran should be at top of you list. He will certainly make the event memorable for everyone.

2- Katty Perry

Wow! Ketty Perry will also perform at Glastonbury 2017. She will make her debut this year as she has never performed at Glastonbury before. She is one of the most followed musician alive. Katty Perry will perform some of his best songs and we really want to witness her performance. She is one of the artists you must see at the event. Katty Perry is one of the reasons you should make it to the festival because you do not get chances like this twice. Which song if her do you like the most?

3- Mark Lanegan

This guy has one a really good voice and we all admit this. If you can mot recognize him by his name, you are not much into rock music. But most of people know him from the band Screaming Trees, the front man of Screaming Trees. His baritone voice must not have missed at Glastonbury festival 2017. Forget about his genre and style, just do yourself a favor and see him at the festival. His voice will make you love him.

4- Barry Gibb

We all know about this lad. Barry Gibb is the legend and he will also be performing at the Glastonbury 2017. You should see him no matter what. He is no doubt, one of the greatest composers. And his voice is really mesmerizing too. And do you know, he is the one of the bestselling pop composers of all time. We are so looking forward to his performance. He will turn thing around for you. How many of you want to see him at the festival?

5- Foo Fighters – Dave Grohl

Although all the members of Foo Fighters are amazing. But you should not miss the performance of Drave Grohl in particular. He is literally the backbone of Foo Figters. No matter he is on vocals, drum or guitar, he is just incredible. He will make your festival unforgettable. Dave is someone all the young musicians look up to. And his rock style will lift your mood up for sure.

6- Radiohead – Thom Yorke

Radiohead is one of the top bands of today. The music of this band is inspiring millions across the globe. This rock band is one of the top bands of Glastonbury festival 2017. Thom Yorke is the man from Raiohead, you must see at the festival. He is the driving force of Radiohead. We all love his voice and skills. He can entertain you with vocals, guitar and piano. He is a multi ttalented dude. You should not miss him in any case guys.

7- Major Lazer – Diplo

Ah! This trio is topping the charts every now and then. More and more artists are collaborate-ting with Major Lazer because of their style. Diplo is the man from Major Lazer you must see at the Glastonbury 2017. When he is on the machine, he can make a dead person dance too. Diplo is one of the top producers of modern era. His electronic music influencing millions. And Diplo is the founder of Major Lazer so he surely is one man you should look for.

8- Royal Blood – Mike Kirr

Millions dream to witness this band performing live. You are getting this chance at Glastonbury 2017. Therefore, do not mss it. Royal Blood is one of the best active rock bands of this generation. Mike Kerr 8s the man you should look at. He us the frontman of Royal Blood. He can amaze you with his vocals and guitar. This band was formed in 2013, since then Kirr is killing the rock game. He is also one of the artists you must see at the festival.

9- Laura Marling

Folk is one of the most loved genre. This is why Laura Marling will be there to mesmerize everyone by her sweet voice and style. She is one of the best folk singers. You should not miss her because she has to offer you something different than others. Her songs are just so good that you would not be able to ignore her. Which song of her do you like the most?

10- Emeli Sande

This Scottish artist will also grace the Glastonbury festival 2017. If we talk about her voice, it is one of the best voices of this era. Her baritone voice feels like you are free of everything. And she is really good at stage. She is known as one of the best live performers. She stands at number 10.

Glastonbury Festival 2017 Artists to Must See – The Top 10 List

  1. Ed Sheeran
  2. Katty Perry
  3. Mark Lanegan
  4. Barry Gibb
  5. Foo Fighters – Dave Grohl
  6. Radiohead – Thom Yorke
  7. Major Lazer – Diplo
  8. Royal Blood – Mike Kirr
  9. Laura Marling
  10. Emeli Sande
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