Most Famous Romantic Couples in History – The Top 10 List

It is very rare to watch any movie which has no romance right? And of romance is there then obviously couples would be there because it is not possible to add romance in the movie without having couples lol. So guys who you think was the best romantic couple ever? Obviously there are thousands of on screen couple and their romance and chemistry touches everybody. To touch the hearts of viewers the chemistry between a male and a female should be there or else everything will look fake. So keeping in mind the popularity, chemistry and overall performance we have ranked the top most famous romantic couples of all time.

Most Famous Romantic Couples in History

These couples have impressed millions of real life and couples so we decided to write about it. And if you want to know about some historic couples and romance between then then this piece is best for you as a lot of real life couples admire on screen couples. It is really common too that we copy our favorite characters from movies and apply in our real life. So here we go! The top most famous romantic couples ever,

1- Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater

Nobody can forget these love birds. And almost all of us have watched the iconic Titanic so the chemistry between this couple movie is also famous. Titanic which won many awards and appreciation is that one movie nobody should miss. And this couple has sizzling chemistry in this movie. Nobody can underestimate Leonardo DiCaprio not Kate that is why it is the most famous romantic couple ever. All the scenes, emotions and acting explain a lot about thus couple.

2- Bella & Edward

We all are aware of this couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. They are not only famous on screen but also off screen. They likely love each other in real life too so obviously in the movie they will look so real. Yes, in Twilight they are splendid. Their romance and their acting is a real deal in the movie. And according to us Twilight was hit because of their strong acting. They are certainly one of the most famous romantic couples ever. Do give a watch to the romantic Twilight if you have not yet.

3- Anna and Will

Another iconic movie “Notting Hill” and so is the couple. Their love making scenes are treat to watch. They way both get lost in each other surely makes this couple one of the best also it is famous. They are too romantic in the movie and that too for good. Anna and Will make “Notting Hill” always to remember. Kudos! Do not forget to watch “Notting Hill” this sunday with your love .

4- Vivian and Edward

The movie “Pretty Woman” seems woman oriented but it’s not. Rather it is full of romance. This movie is all about the courage and power of a woman but the romance in this movie is flawless. And the way the girl sacrifices herself for her love is amazing. This is one of the most known couple so obviously it is famous too.

5- Elizabeth and Will

Class differences in this movie too and a lot of hurdles between two love birds like Titanic but it does not mean there will be no romance. Actually there is a lot. We all have watched Pirates of the Caribbean and this movie this couple goes against all the odds to get love and so we get to witness extra ordinary romance. Aren’t they too cute too?

6- Paula and Zack

This woman is too hot and so is the man. In the movie – An Officer and A Gentleman both the lovers show us how to romance. The gentlemen are too good at understanding and impressing her woman. Guys, you call learn a lot from this movie. This couple is quite famous. Even people still remember these two faces of on screen love.

7- Kat and Patrick

This movie “10 Things I Hate About You” is for all the couples that fell in love all of a sudden in no time, this is for all of them who want a few happy hours, this for those who love somebody a lot and this is for every couple out there. Almost all lovers like and know this on screen couple. Kat and Patrick both are brilliant in the movie.

8- Viola and William

Who does not love and read the great William Shakespeare? Obviously we all do. His thoughts on love are really realistic so a cool movie on him is a must watch. And the Viola and William gave their best and did justice to the theme of the story. Their romance is just like the poetry of William Shakespeare. Sizzling hot couple!

9- Carrie and Big

Ah! How can one forget this movie and specially when we are talking about romance and couples? This movie is for all the adult lovers but almost everyone remembers this couple Cartie and Big. This is why it is one of the most famous romantic couple ever. The movie is all about love and romance.

10- Jane and John

Most Famous Romantic Couples in History

How can we forget the queen Angelina. Jane and John that one iconic couple which has impressed millions. In the movie “Mr & Mrs Smith” we get to see love and romance in different dangerous situations. Where the movie is all about thrill and action, the romance is a big element too. Both the lovers have a done a great job sticking to the theme.

Most Famous Romantic Couples in History – The Top 10 List

  1. Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater
  2. Bella & Edward
  3. Anna and Will
  4. Vivian and Edward
  5. Elizabeth and Will
  6. Paula and Zack
  7. Kat and Patrick
  8. Viola and William
  9. Carrie and Big
  10. Jane and John
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