Drug Addict Hollywood Actress and Actors

Drug Addict Hollywood Actress and Actors: Celebrities are also just like an ordinary person. They are human and have same feelings as we have. So we know a few of us are drug addicts and so some celebrities are also drug addicts. Today we would be revealing about some of the actors/actresses who are drug addicts. These celebrities must have went through something that lead them to drugs and all other things. Few of them have fought with this addiction and are living life happily while some of them are still struggling.


1- Lindsay Lohan


One of the top actresses. How many of you know she is was or still is a drug addict? It seems The Parent Trap’s success trapped her life. After this film in her early age she started drugs. Cocaine, DUI, alcohol abuse and jail she has went through all this. She has faced a lot controversies but she has fought with many of them. And still she is trying to settle her life. We all she is one of the biggest stars.

2- Robert Downey Jr.


Who is unaware of this name? Obviously no. But a few you may not be aware about Robert Downey Jr’s personal life. Who could think a 6 years old kid can try drugs. He used drugs for the first time when he was only 6 years old. After this he got arrested for drugs. But he again tried drugs and as soon he faced trauma he realized what’s not good. Then he started fighting with his self and today we know where us and who he is. He faced all this at a very young age and learned a lot.

3- Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore settled after a few trips to Rehab. Drew Barrymore was a drug addict at a young age just like Robert Jr. He was in his teenage when he tried drugs and after some he got hold of himself. Although he did not take long but certainly he was hurt a lot. He has faced many drug related controversies. Drew Barrymore is today far far away from drugs. It’s just because of his struggle.

4- Mary-Kate Olsen


Another case of rehab. Yes, many drug addicts hot hold of drug addiction with the help of rehab. Mar Kate Olsen is one of them. Ary-Kate Olsen was also a drug addict. Who does not know about her at least you know her with “Full House”. No? She was addicted to cocaine and she has also suffered from anorexia. She is now thankful to rehab.

5- Kirsten Dunst


If you know Spiderman then you should also know about Kirsten Dunst. Yes, she is still suffering with drug addiction. She took hold for some time but we have heard she is still into drugs. Kirsten Dunst is also taking over herself again with rehab on alcohol addiction. We hope she would get over this all once again soon.

6- Johnny Depp


Our favorite Johnny Depp. A lot of you may not believe because of his humbleness and gentle attitude. But yes he was once a drug addict. And we are not sure if he is still drug addict. But yes he is addicted to Alcohol. He did not try rehab yet. We have heard he gets alcohol before speaking in every ceremony. He does not feel well of he does not take alcohol. We hope he would recover fast.

7- Philip Seymour Hoffman


One of the most horrifying deaths. Philip Seymour Hoffman is favorite of millions but who knows he died because of drugs. Intoxication leads him to death. He was a drug addict. When he was a teen he used alcohol a lot. How many of you know he is an Oscar nominee? Well, it’s quite strange and horrifying for all the fans to hear such news.

8- Jason Cook


Isn’t it quite strange to hear about police charges on any celebrity? Do you know many actors have been arrested till date? And yes. Jason Cook is one of them. Jason Cook was arrested once for drugs. He is a drug addict and fighting hard to get over all of this. He was arrested for intoxication and drugs.

9- Mischa Barton


Some of the actors get hype and fame for their exceptional work. And some of actors get all just for controversies. And Mischa Barton is one of them. She did not get much fame from her acting than she got from her controversies and activities. She made it to headlines quite few times for her drug addiction. DUI, marijuana, and alcohol she is always high with all this. On the other hand she is tired of all this.

10- Nicole Richie


Nicole Richie favorite of many of you right? But yes Nicole Richie has been related with drugs too. Rather she has faced more than any other actor or actress with drugs. She has been arrested for few times and she had to go through a few accidents too. Cocaine, alcohol, marijuana and heroin she is addicted to all of them. We hope she would get over her past as soon as possible.

Drug Addict Hollywood Actress and Actors

  1. Lindsay Lohan
  2. Robert Downey Jr.
  3. Drew Barrymore
  4. Mary-Kate Olsen
  5. Kirsten Dunst
  6. Johnny Depp
  7. Philip Seymour Hoffman
  8. Jason Cook
  9. Mischa Barton
  10. Nicole Richie

So peeps, what you think about drug addiction? And what you feel when you hear about such news? Let us know in comments.

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