6 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

6 Most Dangerous Roads in the World Roads in the World

Roads have been considered as a medium of transport, movement and traveling. Some roads are safe, beautiful and provide a pleasurable experience while going through them. But there are some dangerous roads in the world which are extremely dangerous no matter how well you drive. These roads are difficult to navigate and also have high death rates in the world.

Old Yungas Road (Bolivia)

Yungas Road is a narrow and rough road that runs about 40 miles between the capital city of La Paz and the town of Coroico with high altitudes. It is also known as “the death road” and considered as the world dangerous road due to frequent landslides and fog. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, hundreds of accidents take place round the year on this road. Many vehicles also fall down because it has no guard rails. Moreover fog and extreme weather conditions make this road even more dangerous to navigate.

The Trans Siberian Highway (Russia)

Located in Russia, this highway connects the Russian cities Vladivostok and St. Petersburg to each other. The highway is also ranked as one of the longest highways in the world, but it is too dangerous and deadly. The route of Trans Siberian highways crosses from forests, deserts, mountains and everything in between them. It is long, unpaved and a drive from this road is unpredictable.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway, (China)

Sichuan-Tibet highway is the highest-elevation road between Tibet and Shengdu. The highway boast enormous mountains, beautiful scenery, a few popular rivers along with various historical and cultural attractions. But apart from sightseeing this road is termed as unsafe due to landslides, extreme weather conditions and falling rocks which can block the highway for several days. Every year the highway authority report approx. 7500 death and accident cases which ranked this road as one of the most dangerous in the world.

Fairy Meadows Road (Pakistan)

Situated at the base of Nanga Parbat Pakistan, the fairy meadows road is amongst the most dangerous ones. It is unpaved and narrow and do not contain any guard rails to prevent vehicles from rolling down. The Fairy meadows road is too deadly for car or jeeps, and it can only be crossed by means of walking or through riding a bicycle.

Skippers Canyon Road (New Zealand)

If you are a person who love to enjoy thrills and excitement, then a drive in skippers road will be worthwhile. Located in New Zealand, this skippers canyon road is beautiful, but risky as it entails some scary twists and turns, that are too narrow for vehicles to pass each other. This challenging path also requires a special permission to drive. In case if you manage to get permission you need to be drive safe, stay alert and cautious.

Halsema Highway (Philippines)

Halsema Highway is characterized by unpaved narrow twist and turns, sheer drop offs and steep crags. It is one of the highest highways in the Philippines, which stretches up to 150 miles. The highway features huge traffic because it is the only road that connects the Baguio and Benguet province to the north of Luzon. This highway is intense and prone to fatal accidents due to landslides, mudslides and falling rocks, particularly in the monsoon season. This road also lacks guard rails that can protect vehicles from falling off.

6 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

  • Old Yungas Road (Bolivia)
  • The Trans-Siberian Highway (Russia)
  • Sichuan-Tibet Highway, (China)
  • Fairy Meadows Road (Pakistan)
  • Skippers Canyon Road (New Zealand)
  • Halsema Highway (Philippines)
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