7 Most Annoying Habits Should Be Avoided in Public

Often times we see people doing weird things in public. Most of them are annoying habits which are unable to control and we unintentionally perform on a daily basis. The following list entails some of the most annoying traits that are wrong and should be avoided in public.

Nail Biting:

Almost every person has at-least one nail biting moment in his or her life. Perhaps you find yourself with nails between teeth while sitting through an exhausting class, discussion, meeting with your directors, or restlessly watching any of your favorite thriller movies. Nail biting is a nervous habit that affects men, women, and children equally. Nail biting causes embarrassment, exposes you to germs and viruses that cause illness, and damages the nails and nail beds.

Making lots of noises while you eat:

Noisily sipping your coffee or soup, smacking your lips while chewing, engaging in excessive talking while eating these habits are not just annoying but pretty disgusting. These habits can also damage your social life. People would avoid going out with you unless forced. So always be careful when you are dining with someone.

Taking more space than necessary:

We mostly experience this while traveling in a public transport. Most people don’t want to sit like a sandwich between strangers, so they usually take more space like they owed the seat. But you need to follow some rules when you are in a public place. Not following them is actually annoying and also a sign of disrespect.

Talking loudly in public:

Talking with someone on the phone while inside the bus or in a company of strangers is permissible as long as you are not disturbing the crowd or you are not being heard by everyone. Being in a public mean you have to be more careful. Always try to speak in a slow or hushed tone, so you do not cause any unnecessary irritation for other people.

Using mobile while talking to someone:

This has got to be one of the most annoying habits when you are with someone. For most people, life without their mobile phone is simply unimaginable, but it is inappropriate and very rude to be using a mobile phone while engaged in a conversation with someone. When you are with someone you should give your undivided and full attention to the person whom you are talking to.

Blowing a bubble gum:

For children it may be a cute sight, but for teenage and adults, it is a sign of irritation and unsanitary thing that can be avoided while in a public. If you a person who love chewing bubble gums than kindly do it in your home.

Mind your language

Most people specially teenage use slang language. But when you are in a public transport using a slang may came came across as a bad manners to the passengers traveling with you. It will give people wrong impression about you, the family you belong to and how you have been raised. Further more, your habit of using slang can slip into a formal meeting or in a professional gathering will leave you embaressed. So always mind your language.

7 Most Annoying Habits

  1. Nail Biting
  2. Making lots of noises while you eat
  3. Taking more space than necessary
  4. Talking loudly in public
  5. Using mobile while talking to someone
  6. Blowing a bubble gum
  7. Mind your language
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