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10 Exercises to sharpen your mind – Increase Mental Capabilities

Making your abs, boosting your muscles and presenting a fit body are not the real goal. The actual part of our body which needs to be fit and awesome the most is our “BRAIN”. Modern world requires us to change our focus from physical exercises to mental exercises. Reduces your gym sessions and add some mental exercise session to your lives. As it is your mind that’s gonna take you to the road of success not your muscles. Haha! Well, along with the fitness craze no doubt many mind fitness exercises are being introduced. Yoga, mantra, mindfulness and such other exercises are being more common than ever. Here I am coming up with the exercises which won’t require your apps and games but just an insight and understanding to some exercises to sharpen your mind. So let not your mind get aged and dumb sharpen it to get the crunch!

1- Reading

Reading makes your mind workThe very first and important exercise to be mentioned is reading. Reading makes your mind work, think, and get more creative and what not. It enhances the functioning of your brain and allows your thinking capacity to increase more and more. Be it a novel, story, newspaper, magazine or anything just read it. Make it your passion. Rather than just scrolling your Facebook, turn the pages and keep on reading. The more your brain workouts more it will be efficient.

2- Writing

Writing more creativeReading is not enough you got to be more creative. Write on your own. May it be a short poem, story, an essay or an article but do write. It allows your brain machinery to keep on moving. Let not rust occupy your mind, keep it active and in work. If you keep on writing it keeps on working, in fact not only working but it gets sharper every day. Writing helps in catharsis; writing out the feelings lightens the heart and makes you fresher than ever.

3- Exercise

Exercise daily. Go to a morning walk, do yogaExercise daily. Go to a morning walk, do yoga, mantra or any other exercise that is suitable for you to provide your mind with some oxygen to breathe in. Indulge in sports. Badminton, tennis and other outdoor sports are helpful to make your mind busy in a healthy way. The increased intake of oxygen sharpens the mind. Along with this a healthy diet assists in a better way. Avoid fat full products and prefer food that is high in protein. Walking backwards is also a healthy exercise that has sharpens your mind. Drink a lot of water.

4- Work on your vocabulary

Work on your vocabularyIncrease your vocabulary. Learn new word every day. Use an app or phone or whatever but do learn a new word each day. It doesn’t let you mind to shut down. Learning enhances the capacity of your brain to work. The more you learn more it will stay young forever. Make learning a lifelong partner. Keep on learning things throughout your life.

5- Rest

Rest, relax your mindAlong with a lot of exercise the brain also need a proper amount of sleep. If one doesn’t give the mind an adequate amount of rest its functioning is affected in a bad way. So, take 10 hours of sleep at night and a nap in day time. After exercise, lay down for ten minutes to relax your mind. Such little relaxation is like a key to start on to some other work.

6- Avoid Stress

how to Avoid StressTaking a lot of stress is harmful for mind. Whenever a stressful `event occurs, try to solve that problem out instead of burdening yourself with over thinking and burying yourself in stress. Taking stress not only defects the brain functioning but damages the entire physiological functioning. So you have to stay away of useless stress, instead just sort the thing out that causes stress.

7- Avoid watching TV

ways to avoid watching tvLessen your rate of watching TV. Television decreases the thinking ability of your mind as it gives you a complete set of thoughts that you are supposed to think. TV controls your mind and tells you what you are supposed to think and what not. This relaxes your mind and slows it down. It lessens brain activity and makes it numb. So watch less and let your mind think more.

8- Playing puzzles

Playing puzzlesPlay games as they activate your mind’s problem solving activity. Puzzles are helpful for such purpose they allow a person’s mind to think of maximum alternatives and impose the best one. It sharpens the brain’s activity and keeps you smart and active.

9- Socialize

SocializeDo not corner yourself. Meet people, socialize, live, laugh and most importantly love. Eloping is not of any help. It is going to make your mind even more dumb and will make you age sooner. So get out of the room meet people, increase your awareness of what is going on around it will keep you young and smarter. Meeting new people make your mind smarter as it helps you to handle them in the best way possible.

10- Adopt Hobbies

Adopt HobbiesDon’t make your fixed routine. If you are university student, that shouldn’t be the only thing in your life. Adopt some hobbies that you do in just because you love to do.  Enjoy doing it. Adopt new hobbies now and then do not stick to a single thing throughout your life. Change is healthy for brain it makes it smarter.

Pick up these helpful exercises to make your mind smarter forever. It prohibits you from aging. A healthy in active brain makes you young in your appearance too. If your minds get dull you won’t be interested in any of life’s activity and happiness which leads to misery. So don’t let it spoil your life. It’s all in your hand. Using these boosters will help you stay focused and active throughout your life. Such state of mind enables you to fight with any hurdle you face in your life. Wake up with a new goad every day. Enough of the laziness now you got to do it!

10 Exercises to sharpen your mind

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Exercise
  4. Work on your vocabulary
  5. Rest
  6. Avoid Stress
  7. Avoid watching TV
  8. Playing puzzles
  9. Socialize
  10. Adopt Hobbies
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