10 Benefit Factors of Tourism for Tthird World Countries Economy

Tourism is every country’s pride and plays a vast and crucial role in status and introduction of economy. Even third world countries which includes most of countries from Asia and Africa is fighting for a better place in this world and most of them are blessed with all a blessed country should be but unfortunately, these countries are unable to use some resources due to lack of technology reasons and budget. Tourism in these countries has been affected badly due to some major factors like resources, expensive travel and security reasons. Tourists like to see these beautiful vibrant places and wants to observe vibrant colors of different people live. Here is the 10 Benefit Factors of Tourism for Third World Countries Economy.

10 Benefit Factors of Tourism for Third World Countries Economy

  1. First factor which plays a vital role in economy is economic benefits .Direct jobs in community, hotels for tourists and housekeeping skills play important role in acquiring economic benefits.
  1. As unemployment is one of the major reasons due to which Asian countries are ranked above 100 out of 124 countries. Tourism can provide many benefits and alleviate poverty from natives.
  1. An important benefit is cultural and tradition preservation which is real pride for every country. As by showcasing peculiar characteristics of natives’ ways of life tourist gets to know the diversity in culture and way of life.
  1. Most important and flourishing factor is quality goods exported which is major factor in any thriving economy. Quality goods are every tourist right, which third world countries can exchange for medium goods exported.
  2. Foreign exchange, which makes up a loss in benefit by tourism .This facility is one of the major facilities which is available in every country and should be Government’s responsibility to ensure as it is a vital factor in any country economy.
    10 Benefit Factors of Tourism for Third World Countries Economy
  3. Friendly natives is an important factor which creates a healthy environment for every tourist.These factors are rapidly reclining in many other Asian countries.
  4. Development of health facilities in every country is increasing day by day .As diseases are spreading and infecting everyone in their reach with low immune system, it is the foremost right of every tourist to have best medical care.
  1. Tour guides should be well disciplined and have friendly manner as tourists should be made welcome in every country, and  remember their warm welcome by its people.
  1. Tourism provides financial support for the conservation of ecosystems and natural resource management, making the destination more authentic and desirable to visitors. It also adds more value to the local tourism business. Third world countries do need to increase their rating badly as then they will be in good view of United Nations.
  1. Tourism is a thin but strong line of interaction between two countries as interaction is a good medium of communication .This highly ranks the country’s status.
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