10 Most Annoying Things in The World

Most Annoying Things: According to research the average people gets annoyed by something beyond their control at least 7 times in a day.

These are the 10 most annoying things about modern life.

1- People driving close behind you

10 Most Annoying Things

Most annoying People who drive behind us, nor they cross, nor they make distance. Their such kind of act make us feel that they’ll hit our vehicle suddenly.

2- People Who Smell

10 Most Annoying Things

People always try to stay away from such kind of people who smell.

3- People Who Stare On Your Phone While You Are Texting

10 Most Annoying Things in The World

Hate Such Kind of people who stare on your phone while u are texting. Such kind of people usually met in Public transports, shopping stores etc.

4- Door-to-door salesman

10 Most Annoying Things

Door to Door Salesman annoy a lot when they came and offered some insurance, bank services or any new local product and they force us to give them time and listen their whole story carefully in which they force us to take their service / buy product which we really don’t need.

5- People Who Eat With Their Open Mouth

10 Most Annoying Things

Chewing with ur mouth open is really bad manner. No One wants to watch bites of your food. When someone eat like this then i think there’s no difference remain b/w that person & cow. :-/

6- Poor Customer Service

10 Most Annoying Things

Sometimes when you try to contact customer service specially on cellular companies for an issue / info and they put your call on hold and keep you on waiting for several minutes force you to hate / change that service.

7- Spam Emails

10 Most Annoying Things

Spam emails received on daily basis, most of them are seriously use less, some emails having lottery news which is totally fraud, they ask for reply with personal details and sometimes people reply them and then they try to loot them by sending fake lottery news about millions of dollars and ask them to deposit a small value of amount in bank account of email senders to start payment transfer process.

8- Stepping in dog poop

10 Most Annoying Things

Aarrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the moment when u realize that you just stepped on dog poop, such kind of things mostly happen when u are busy in using cell phone & not looking towards footpath.

9- Advertisements  between programs

10 Most Annoying Things

Advertisements between programs have increased so much in number that sometimes it seems like the actual program on aired itself is kind of ad between the advertisements. A few minutes of drama or Show break between these Food ka love, Knorr Noodles ki Entry, Engro Onaaj, Kind of Ads.

10- Slow Internet Connections

10 Most Annoying Things

Slow Internet Connections have become a headache these days. Things take too much time to download or Upload.Sometimes the Estimated Download Time of a movie, Season or Program Goes beyond the average age of the human itself who is downloading it, As if he is going to watch it in his grave or may be in Heaven.

10 Most Annoying Things

  • People driving close behind you
  • Door-to-door salesman
  • People Who Smell
  • People Who Stare On Your Phone While You Are Texting
  • Poor Customer Service
  • People Who Eat With Their Open Mouth
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Spam Emails
  • Stepping in dog poop
  • Adverts in between programs
  • Slow Internet Connections
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